Gluing & Pasting Machine

Gluing Pasting Machine for Making Box

Product Details:
  • Machine Type: Semi-Automatic
  • Brand: Century Machines Inc....

For one shift production of single face two pasting machines required to complete in one shift. Or one pasting machine to work for two shifts. Starch base water soluble cooked gum or cold gum. As per quality in liquid form if the TOP paper is printed earlier keep ready for pasting. Pass 2 ply from pasting machine set gum roller pressure roller start. The other side the TOP paper is to be pasted manually, so we get 3 Ply. If it is 5 ply to pass 2 papers of 2 ply to paste TOP paper we get 5 ply.

  1. Power: 1 H.P. 3 Ph. 440 V. A. C.
  2. Speed: Manually Hand fed
  3. Weight: up to 1600 Kg
  4. Size: Customized





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