Corrugated Paper Board & Sheet Making Process

Gluing Pasting Machine for Making 3 Ply Sheet or board

Product Details:
  • Brand: Century

For One Shift production of Single Facer – Two Pasting Machines required to complete in One shift OR One Pasting Machine to work for Two shifts. Starch Base water soluble cooked gum or cold gum. (As per quality) in liquid form. If the TOP paper is printed earlier keep ready for pasting. Pass 2 Ply from Pasting machine set gum roller & pressure roller & start. The otherside the TOP paper is tobe pasted manually. We get 3 Ply If it is 5 Ply – to pass 2 Papers of 2 Ply & to paste TOP paper – we get 5 Ply. Power Speed 1 H.P. 3 Ph. 440 V. A. C. Manually Hand fed

Rotary Creasing Machine

After printing the sheet is to be fed LONGWAY in Rotary Creasing & Cutting machine for setting the height of boxes. Two CREASES & both side trimming will be done at once as per creaser & cutter set.

Power2 H.P. 3 Ph. 440 V. A. C.
Rotary Creasing & Cutting For Length & Width

After Longway feed the Board (Sheet) is to be fed length vise for 4 CREASES & both side trimming as per the distance fixed.

Power2 H.P. 3 Ph. 440 V. A. C.

Stitching Process

Product Details:
  • Brand: Century
  • Speed: 200 staples/m
  • Power: 0.5 Hp, 3ph, 440 AVC
  • Stiching wire: Steel galvanized Coated Flat

The stitching process is final process in box making unit. In each box there will be several pins single in single line or two pins on Top & two pins on bottom & single – single in between as per the strength require for one plant minimum two machines require.

PowerStitching wireSpeed
0.5 H.P. 3 Ph. 440 V. A. C.steel galvanise coated flat (12 x 25 SWG)app. 200 staples per minute

Sheet (Board) Printing Process

Generally the Box is printed with its shipping mark – contents – quality & Brand Logo. This must be an attractive & if permites must be in two or multi colour. There are various methods of this process. The 1st One is while making 3 Ply / 5 Ply Board (Sheet) the Top paper is printed separately & pasted. The 2nd Process is directly to print on 3 Ply / 5 Ply Board (Sheet). The Printing process is an FLEXO – with water base liquid with NYLO / Rubber stereo. The machine may be for single colour – two colour or multicolour as require.

Power2 H.P. 3 Ph. 440 V. A. C.
INKWater Base liquid Ink
RubberNylo Stereo of printing matter
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